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Why do I like Advertising

This is the reason. When creating an ad you can inspire the whole world.

You can influence with good vide and well behaviour.


This ad is the perfect one in describing my motive – It has people as main point, agriculture and politics in a subtle way.

The message clearly states the idea to not let good things come to an and and don’t burry up in chemicals! Plant your own food or at least help others improve your quality food.



Colier verde cu perlute

Pentru ca imi place foarte mult verdele, am acceptat cu mare placere provocarea de a face un colier in totalitate in culoarea verde. Nuantele pe care le-am imbinat sunt extraordinare, te duc cu gandul la primavara, vara si toamna. Pamblica folosita ca si incheietoare are latimea potrivita pentru grosimea colierului, iarculoarea, bineinteles, aduce aminte de padure, de frunzele aproape ruginii din copacii de septembrie.

Intr-un fel colierul este dedicat naturii, desi as mai avea cateva proiecte care sa includa natura, chiar cu articole de la ea.

Lemnul…Sau mai exact spus, scoarta de copac. Dar vom trai si vom vedea urmatorul meu produs!



Bring back the summer I love :D

Bring back the summer I love :D

Earings with blue bow and milky white bead.


These are my favorite earings.

They just to a dolly outfit, with a white or blue dress, that you can wear either in the city, either near the sea.

Anyway you wear them … you can look priceless ! 😀


Every day is a special day!

Every single day we should make it as ” The one”. The day that we are confident, happy and relaxed, good to each other and think of the others aswell.

Life is so twisted; the more years go by, the more you understand the sense of it…or not.

Clouds in the sunrise

Clouds in the sunrise


40s’ fan

My obsession for the 20s’, 30s’ and 40s’, but let’s not forget about the 60s’ are now alive!

Two bracelets made one from metal base and the other one from textile.

The colours used are blue and mauve.

Both are copies from pictures sent to me by a friend and they are reborn from my creativity of making a new image of them.

I am glad to find that my final work is appreciated and now I’m asked to make new things from magazines pictures, movies and art.

I love to win over challenges!

bratara-bronz-cu-bilute-roz-si-mov-accesoriu elefant


Good deeds, indeed!

Sometimes I feel sad, thinking of people. Why harm someone? I never undestood the pleasure of making a bad thing to one of your kind. Is it making him feel more powerfull? It’s a sign of superiority? What is it?

Anyway, till I find my answer to the questions above, the next link reminded me of some actions i’ve seen on the street.

Random people helping others.

The next link just shows how good and positive people are.

Please enjoy! 🙂

Sewed necklace

So…I made my fotoshooting in Rome, Italy. Nice area, I know!

Beatiful place and a lot of history to remember.

Anyway, I did photographed my necklace because many ladies were asking me about the size of it.

So girls…here it is.


A sweet small necklace around my neck.

Beatifully combined beads, colorful and joyous.

I love the green and combination of it with girly pink.

The beads are from plastic and transparent cristal.

Each bead is sewed twice to be more safe around the neck and to last longer.